Dispatches from the field turns one!

Great stories frequently come out of fieldwork, but all too often, field biologists have nowhere to tell them. So one year ago, the three of us started this blog, Dispatches from the Field, to provide a place to share those stories. We debuted Dispatches at the Queen’s University Biology Station open house last year and we were excited to be a part of this year’s open house – especially since it was the 70th anniversary of QUBS!

Photo of the blog writers at eh open house

From left to right: Founding bloggers Catherine, Sarah & Amanda

Although the year has flown by, we have had quite a few accomplishments:

1. We’ve published 56 posts – some of our own, some from amazing guest bloggers. We’ve heard about massive cane toads in Australia, about getting lost in Patagonia, about the pigeon guillemot mobile nest in Haida Gwaii, and about the rarest and quietest lessons of the Arctic. And we’ve published many posts about fieldwork at QUBS – because sometimes the best stories are from close to home, such a face to face encounter with massive black rat snakes.

2. We’ve attracted readers from all over the world – thank you! We’ve had nearly 8000 views from over 80 countries, which is a lot more than we expected! A year ago we were convinced that only our parents would read our blog.

Map of where our readers are from.

Readers from around the world.


3. We were featured on WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” site, which highlights unique and interesting blogs, from editors’ picks to community favourites.

4. We were awarded the 2014 Editor’s Choice award in the Communication, Outreach, and Education category by Science Borealis, a network of Canadian Science bloggers.

5. We’ve organized several evening programs  at the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre, where we bring in guest bloggers to share their stories as we go for a hike and sit around a campfire. Don’t miss your chance to hear about the highs and lows of fieldwork, and experience the field firsthand.  The next Dispatches from the Field Night at Elbow Lake is happening July 14th at 7pm – you should come check it out! (It’s free; details on the ELEEC website).

We are thrilled with the success of Dispatches from the Field thus far, and are excited to see what the second year of blogging will bring. We hope to bring you new and exciting stories from all over the world, giving everyone a behind the scenes look at what fieldwork is really like, and giving field biologists a place to share the stories that inspire them.

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