Cheers to a new year!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

-T.S. Eliot

Wow 2017 was a busy year! Here at Dispatches from the Field, one of us successfully defended her PhD, one submitted hers, and one decided to start a PhD. However, we still managed to publish 43 posts that received almost 14000 views!

The start of a new year is always fun to reflect on the past trip around the sun. This year marked Canada’s 150th birthday in July, which we kid you not, we published our 150th blog post on that day! This year we were nominated by Science Borealis for their People’s Choice Award: Canada’s Favourite Science Online, on Science Literacy Day and we made it on the short list of top 12 blogs in Canada. Thanks for voting!

Amanda showing off a gray rat snake skin, and telling her story “from damp and dark to light and warm”

Not only did we have lots of posts from across North America, we also had guest posts about fieldwork in Europe and western Mongolia. We learned about all sizes of mammals from identifying bats in Ontario, to listening to the chatter at Squirrel Camp, to sorting through wolf scat.

We added our thoughts on current issues such as highlighting what dressing like a woman means for fieldwork, followed by an important guest post about Feminity and Fieldwork. We also had guests talk about how they use outreach tools to teach the community  (not alternative) facts about a seemingly “terrifying” snake that is actually harmless!

New Year Resolutions

dispatches from around the worldWe are excited to have another year of fieldwork posts ahead of us! We would like to fill up our map with more stories from across the world.

We also have some ideas in the works on how to improve our blog…so stay tuned!

We are always looking for guest posts and blogs to highlight on Dispatches from the Field. So if you have been reading this post and thinking “Oh ya this one time in the field…” then we want to hear about it! Email us and we will schedule you in – Looking forward to it!

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