Oh, the places we’ve gone and the places we’ll go

2015 has come and gone, and here at Dispatches from the field we are celebrating! Celebrating our first full year in operation. Celebrating more than 10,000 views since we started including 7000+ visitors, and attention from well over 125 countries. But most of all we want to celebrate fieldwork and the plethora of posts that we have had this year, each one telling a unique story about a place, a creature or an adventure of some kind. So in the spirit of the many places 2016 is bound to take us, we wanted to thank YOU, our readers, and highlight some of the stories from this past year.

2015 was an exciting year. It all started when we planted gardens in New Zealand, wondered about whales in New Brunswick, had to do an invertebrate operation, visited Grasslands National Park, played with cane toads in Australia and this was all before the spring wildflowers even came to life!

Once spring had officially sprung we took trips to the St. Lawrence river, chased after some Whip-poor-wills, got attacked by a mouse (and a spider), caught up with the California Condor Search and Rescue squad and even helped elephants cross the road.

In the heat of the summer we went to the spider forest, listened to a chorus of frogs , made an incredible journey, experienced a show in a lake-like stadium and we turned one year old!

And as the heat began to fade away, we played with polar bears, hit up Haida Gwaii,  got into some mischief in sparrow-land, reminisced about some #fieldworkfails, and even ran into a few rattlesnakes…and yes, in Ontario.

Where will 2016 take us? You’ll just have to wait and see! Catch you every Friday for the next 52 weeks!


Amanda, Catherine and Sarah

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